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The 34697 area and our moving company fit together like the way it should.

Since our movers in 34697 live in the local area they will look forward to talking to you and they will help plan the relocation. These guys will brief the team they are working with of the move at hand about what you want from the move and any special requests that need to be fulfilled. They will make sure everyone knows what they are doing on the day of the move and the schedule will be well worked out to include packing materials and any other requests that need to be met. Your items should be boxed and packed by this point, but if not we can provide a packing service for an extra fee in 34697 to suit your moving needs.

We always provide our clients with a full relocation checklist well prior to moving which will help you track and plan the move. This can help in many ways because it provides you with a sense that everything has been completed prior to the move. The checklist will go over thing like.

  • Did I reroute my mail to the new address?
  • Are my kids fully registered in their new school?
  • Did I get all the boxes and packing material I needed?
  • Have I got an animal sitter to help while the move is going on?
  • Have I got a baby sitter to help while the move is going on?
  • Is my cable and internet appointment installing date set?
  • Have I notified my utility companies I am moving?
  • Have I gone through every inch of the house including the garage and attic to make sure I have removed everything and nothing is left?

These are just a few of the things that will be on our checklist and what we suggest is you grab a highlighter and cross off each one in a methodical way until you have completed the check list. Because once the new tenants are in and if you forgot you stashed money under the floor boards or somewhere in the attic you can say good bye to it. This tends to happen more often than not and we have heard these types of horror stories where a client has stashed a few gold bars or silver coins somewhere and the new owners have came back and said we looked and we don’t know what you are talking about. Not everyone is honest in life and if you get someone saying there is no gold or silver there is nothing you can do about it, and by law once you are out you are out of luck. It’s your word against theirs, so please don’t be a victim of forgetfulness because it can be the worst feeling in the world feeling robbed by some simple oversight.

So the moral of the story here is if you are moving in the 34697 area then count on us to help you with your next move because we will have you covered. From everything to great prices, a full checklist to also a follow up call to make sure you are settled in to your new residence and a reminder to check for any valuables you might have hidden in the house.

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Date: March 07 2013
"We went for the packing and moving deal which was well worth it, we had 4 moving guys that came in and helped box and packing everything up neatly. Then they went on to load it all on the moving truck and get it to my new house."
Date: June 14 2013
"The move was a breeze and the whole thing was very organized. Not only did the movers get the move done quickly which saved me money they did a follow up call to make sure I was settled in ok."
Date: August 09 2013
"The dispatcher I spoke to on the phone was super patient with me and answered all of my questions to my satisfaction. The move went really well and everything was in the condition it should have been in when it arrived at my new place."
Moving Company 34697
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